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TUDI WRAP- Large Size (5.5" H X 12" W)


PERFECT FIT FOR LARGER EVERYDAY ITEMS, SUCH AS WATER BOTTLES, LARGE SIZE SPORT DRINKS OR KING CANS! Works as a Phone or Sun Glasses protective wrap, a mouse pad or combine to keep an icepack/heat pad in place.

TUDI Wrap. For any event. On every beverage. For everybody!
Keeps your drink HOT or COLD longer.
  • Your fresh coffee will stay HOT for an amazing 1 1/2 hours!
  • Keeps a slushy or iced coffee frozen for 3 hours!
  • Fits any size cup, bottle or can
  • The replacement to styrofoam cups, double cups and wasteful cardboard sleeves!
  • Support local business- high quality 100% North American product.
  • Made with Military grade neoprene.
  • High quality, strong and durable for long terms use.


All the proceeds from these wraps will be going to Dave to help support the ongoing missions in Ukraine. 

Over 3 million refugees have crossed into neighboring countries since the start of the war. Inside Ukraine, the conflict has left more than an estimated 2 million people internally displaced.

This is a tragedy happening right now and what can be done? How can we regular citizens help and show support?

Well my friend, mentor and all around amazing human being Dave Bryenton is on his 5th mission trip to the Ukraine to deliver additional supplies for the front line workers and refugee camps.

He is able to show that we in Canada care! The moral support of seeing a man travel from half way around the world to bring relief and aid supplies lets them know that we support them and that they are in our thoughts and prayers. So proud to call “Uncle” Dave my friend and wish to help him continue these efforts as long as he is willing to do them.

Your donation today will support Dave’s ongoing response to the war in Ukraine by providing front line workers with: 

  • Sanitation supplies
  • Medical aid supplies  
  • Protective gear.
  • Body Bags

Being from Vegreville Alberta home of the World’s Largest Ukrainian Pysanka (Decorated Egg) and of Ukrainian descent we wanted to help and have helped with medical supplies and items for his missions.

Problem is that there are only a few of us helping with these efforts and the costs become more than a few can sustain. So I’m reaching out to all my business contacts, friends and followers on social media to help us keep Dave’s relief trips going until the war ends.

Edmonton man heads to Ukraine region for 5th time with donations: ‘Please keep up your efforts’ - Edmonton |


Customer Reviews

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Karen K
No sweat!!

When we travel to warmer climates, a TUDI wrap is a necessity. If we do not wrap our glasses of cold beverages, they sweat profusely and water runs down the table. We purchased the large ones to go around taller glasses, and the new tall cans. With the cans being made in such different shapes, the old fashioned Koozies were not cutting it. The TUDI WRAPS are great - custom fit to whatever size of beverage you are drinking. And they compact nicley to fit in your pocket or purse. Great product. We bought some to give to our friends in Mexico.